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walk and talk counselling...

Walk-and-talk can provide a natural, relaxed way to work through the same kinds of issues you would bring to counselling online or in a room.  We walk or travel together (for those with wheels) side by side exploring issues just as we would in a traditional counselling session online, or face-to-face, but we arrange to meet up locally somewhere out in nature, such as local park.  Being out in nature  can help boost positive emotions and help us reflect on life's problems with a different feeling perspective.   Just the act of breathing in fresh air and moving about can help us feel more motivated, and difficult emotions like loneliness, isolation, and anxiety can feel less overwhelming in a natural environment.


Walks are low level, gently paced and suitable for most walking abilities - there are also lots of local paved-path options for those who need accessibility for wheels.


Your initial session will be face-to-face or online so we can discuss your needs and expectations, talk through any concerns and questions, and agree what kind of environment you would prefer to walk in. 

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