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I am an Integratively-trained Clinical Supervisor and predominantly work within the framework of the 'Seven Eyed' Supervision model (Hawkins and Shohet 2006).  


I offer Clinical Supervision for Counsellors, Psychotherapists and other individuals working in helping professions such as Teachers, Social Workers, Healthcare Professionals and Mental Health Workers.  I also work as an external Supervisor for organisations, companies and services from any professionalism who offer staff support or supervision externally for their employed or contracted staff.

Within counselling supervision I work with practitioners from all backgrounds. I have specific extensive experience of supporting practitioners and organisations offering services to children, young people and families, in particular those working in schools and other youth, education and mental health support services, and working online (including working safely and effectively with the unique challenges of counselling online with anonymous service users)


I want you to get the most out of your supervision, therefore it's important that we build a good relationship where you feel comfortable to share yourself and your practice openly. I expect you to take responsibility for what you need from your sessions, but your well-being is as much my priority as that of your clients so I take a relaxed, flexible and creative approach to how we achieve that.

Please contact me to arrange an informal phone call to discuss your supervision needs and to ask any questions.


Online Supervision takes place through video sessions via Google Hangouts, and can provide a flexible, accessible and affordable way to attend Supervision.

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