online counselling...

Online Counselling can provide accessibility and flexibility for those who may struggle to attend a face-to-face session, which can be for many reasons, such as time, location, access, or just a preference and convenience. I can work with you via video link (I use Zoom, which is similar to Facetime or Skype but more secure), or instant messaging (like texting or online messaging where we talk via written words on the screen) - whichever way you feel most comfortable with. 



During video sessions, most people find the screen really does fade away after any initial worries, and a genuine, open and connected relationship can be created, just like in face-to-face counselling. 


Instant messaging* can provide a safe space for those not wishing to be seen physically, and can help create a 'disinhibition effect', enabling client's to talk about very difficult or painful issues, or making that first step to sharing feelings for the first time.

online counselling fees...

£40 per hour

I believe that counselling should be financially accessible to all, therefore I do operate a sliding scale and can offer a limited number of discounted rates for people on a low income or unwaged.  Please feel you can have an open and honest discussion with me about your finances if you want to have counselling but are worried about it being affordable on your current income.

* Please note: Counselling via instant messaging is not an anonymous service due to information shared for payment requirements, however I fully respect your confidentiality and privacy, and can work with minimal identifying information from you.  I would only ever need to break your confidentiality if I was seriously concerned for your safety or that of another person. I would always take any action openly and with your knowledge. Further information and agreement of my safeguarding policy will be discussed during your initial session, or prior to this on request.


If you need immediate support you can call the Samaritans on 116123.

If you are outside the UK you can contact Befrienders Worldwide